Helping People With Their Real Estate Needs!

   Last week I went to look at buying a house that a lady is losing to foreclosure. The house was a really nice 2 bedroom/1 bath in Shiloh. While touring her house, she told me about her situation.

   About two-years ago her employer reduced her hours from 40 to 36 hours per week. About that same time the real estate taxes went up on her house. Those two mishaps started a slow downward trend for her.

   Being a very responsible person, she knew that she couldn’t keep making her payments and eat. So she decided to sell. She listed her house with a Realtor. Believe it or not, the Realtor found someone to buy the property right away! The buyer got approved by the lender and the closing date was set.

   Excited about selling her house, she rents a new place and  moves out of her home. Then the unthinkable happens. The buyer’s loan gets rejected at the closing table! All of a sudden she has to make two payments. She is boxed into a corner. Her only option is to rent out her nice house.

   Well, she chose the wrong renter. After a few payments Mr. Renter stopped paying rent. Now she can’t afford the house any longer, so she misses a payment, and then two until finally she has missed 11 payments.

   She searched the internet and found my website ‘SuperFastHomeBuyer.Com’ and calls my hotline to see if I want to buy her house. (Which I do!)  That would be the end of the story, except she wants to buy a more affordable home someday.

   I spent a few more moments telling her about my Affordable Housing Plan and how my company works with people who have bruised credit to put them into a owener financed home. I told her about some of our homes and directed her to our other website ‘EnjoyGreatHomes.Com’ .

   Will this kind lady ever become a homeowner again? She very well  might. She is hard-working, dedicated, just the type of person I really like to help by selling her one of my homes using owner financing.


In all of my 34 years helping folks with their housing needs;  first as a landlord, then a real estate agent, and now the owner of a real estate investment company I have never seen so many people beaten down by this downturn in our nation’s economy!

Good folks who wanted to have the American dream and become homeowners. They bought their dream home. Many with the wrong type of financing and when the bubble popped, so did their dream of home ownership.

Some lost their jobs, their savings, their home, and most lost something more valuable, they lost faith in America. The sad truth is that after going through hard times, many who were once proud homeowners now find themselves being rejected by Realtors, landlords and property managers as a “bad credit risk”. They read in the news and see on TV that they will never own a home again. They will have to settle for sub-par housing. Maybe living in some B grade apartment complex for the rest of their life.

The good news is that doesn’t have to be the truth for everyone.

The media never seems to tell the entire story. There is hope for many people who lost their house and want to someday own another home. All across this great nation a quite revolution in home financing is slowly developing. Real Estate Investors are buying ugly, old houses and converting them into beautiful fully renovated homes and then selling them to people with bruised credit using lease options and owner financing.  

In another post I’ll explain how to search for and qualify for these wonderful homeownership programs.

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